Brielle’s Coffee & Tea Room Offers Affordable Lunch Entrees & Freshly Baked Pastries to Independence, Ohio

If you’re like many people in the Independence, Ohio area, you get tired of going to lunch at the same restaurants and coffeehouses time after time. The drinks are too expensive at chain coffeehouses, and it’s always far too loud. You can’t even hear yourself think! Big name restaurants can be the same way, and the prices are a little too expensive for the food you receive. It seems almost impossible to find a nice spot where you can get gourmet coffee and cuisine for a decent price. If only there was a locally owned place with a great menu and pleasant atmosphere… Well, look no further than Brielle’s Coffee & Tea Room in Independence! Brielle’s Coffee & Tea Room offers patrons a variety of coffees and teas, affordable lunch entrées, and even freshly baked pastries! With a cozy atmosphere and lunch menu to die for, Brielle’s Coffee & Tea Room will quickly become your new favorite spot for flavorful coffee and delicious lunch! Continue reading