Take Advantage of Family Museum Tours and More at The Troll Hole Museum & Art Emporium near Canton, Ohio

troll hole_logoThere are a number of tourist spots around the Northeast Ohio region worth visiting. Whether you’re looking for activities not far from your Youngstown, Ohio or Dover, Ohio home, or your summer trip will take you through the area, rest assured that there are plenty of fun things for you and your loved ones to do. One such example is The Troll Hole Museum & Art Emporium. In addition to offering family museum tours to those interested in learning about the history of trolls, this one-of-a-kind establishment near Canton, Ohio recently started offering delicious soup at their Moka Mocha coffee shop. Now visitors can enjoy tasty lunch items along with expertly-prepared beverages at the in-house café when their museum tour has ended! If you and your family are feeling particularly adventurous, you’re more than welcome to participate in The Gathering of Trolls Stroll—a local troll-themed mob event scheduled for September that will feature games, food, music, and more!

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Visit Joe’s Main Mart in Massillon, Ohio for Snack Food, Wine, and More!

The colder temperatures of winter sure do seem to feel a lot less uncomfortable with the warmth that good snack food and comfort food can offer. Especially now that the holidays are upon us, it’s inevitable that your Navarre, Ohio or Brewster, Ohio family will be hankering for something that’s quick and easy, and just as delicious. Whether you’re in the mood for some of the area’s best-known fried chicken and Jojos, or you’ve been searching for a local café or sandwich shop that makes great soups, subs, and sandwiches, Joe’s Main Mart in Massillon, Ohio is the restaurant/convenience store that you need to visit!

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Brielle’s Coffee & Tea Room in Northeast Ohio Offers Fantastic Stocking Stuffer and Gift Ideas

Let’s face it. The holidays have become extremely commercialized and sometimes it almost feels as if you are always on the go. As a resident or visitor in Cuyahoga County, Ohio, the last thing you want to do is deal with the long lines for the latest electronic gadget or fight with an overbooked restaurant to host your holiday party. This is the time for giving and sometimes those big name corporations just don’t have that special something you need. Brielle’s Coffee & Tea Room, located in Independence, Ohio, might just be the answer to your gift giving needs. As one of the greater Northeast Ohio region’s many independent small businesses, any of their unique and specialty novelty items serve as a great stocking stuffer or to fill any of the many boxes under your Christmas tree. Their extensive menu of specialty coffee and holiday pastries can serve as a great addition to your office party’s menu as well.

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Brielle’s Coffee & Tea Room in Independence, Ohio Has Delicious Specialty Foods

Are you looking for a warm, cozy coffee and tea shop that has delicious homemade specialty foods? If so, then be sure to check out Brielle’s Coffee and Tea Room located in Independence, Ohio. When you walk in the door, you are greeted with the aroma of fresh deli and bakery items. Then you’ll probably notice the fragrant smells of specialty coffees while pondering over the featured menu items. It is here that you get to decide on a mouthwatering coffee drink, freshly made soup, or both! It doesn’t matter whether you live just minutes away in Seven Hills, Ohio or a little further than Bedford, Ohio, one thing is certain—you will be back!

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Brielle’s Coffee & Tea Room Keeps Independence, Ohio Warm This Winter with Gourmet Coffees and Organic Teas

Brielle’s Coffee & Tea Room skilled artisans bring assorted pastries and a wide variety of café options to Parma, Ohio and Independence, Ohio. As the brisk fall air begins to howl through Strongsville, Ohio, you can keep yourself warm with one of their organic teas, gourmet coffees, or specialty lattes. The local bakery-café offers some of the best homemade bakery treats and café sandwiches you will find. They taste just as good as home baked treats, without all of the hassle of actually having to cook them yourself. As you begin your holiday party planning, Brielle’s can help you with any of the cafe specialties that you will need with their banquet catering.

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Brielle’s Coffee & Tea Room Brings Delicious and Nutritious Meals to Your Independence, Ohio Table

Another day, another diet. Isn’t that the way it usually goes? You try so hard to stick to a low-fat, nutrient-rich meal plan, but eventually you just get burnt out! Especially when you’re eating out with friends or family members. Honestly, who wants to open up a bland granola bar when the person next to you is taking huge forkfuls of rich, cheesy pasta? Not you, that’s for sure! Then why not go to a restaurant where you can choose from a long list of healthy menu items? And not just any healthy foods—delicious and nutritious meals that will have you sighing in contentment when you’re finished!

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Brielle’s Coffee & Tea Room Helps the Independence, Ohio Area by Being a Community-Oriented Establishment

If you tend to gravitate toward area businesses, it’s probably for a few reasons. First—you’re able to get more affordable items than you would if you went to a big chain. Second—there tends to be a more laid back atmosphere than in large, crowded stores or restaurants. Third—you like to support your town or city by purchasing products from local vendors in order to increase area income. If you like shopping or eating at community-oriented establishments for these reasons, then you should stop by Brielle’s Coffee & Tea Room in Independence, Ohio. A locally-owned coffee house in Cuyahoga County, Ohio with an extensive drink menu, Brielle’s has all of the great qualities previously mentioned. By paying a visit to Brielle’s Coffee & Tea Room, you can get a delicious beverage and help to support the community, as well as nearby Seven Hills, Ohio. Continue reading

Brielle’s Coffee & Tea Room Offers Affordable Lunch Entrees & Freshly Baked Pastries to Independence, Ohio

If you’re like many people in the Independence, Ohio area, you get tired of going to lunch at the same restaurants and coffeehouses time after time. The drinks are too expensive at chain coffeehouses, and it’s always far too loud. You can’t even hear yourself think! Big name restaurants can be the same way, and the prices are a little too expensive for the food you receive. It seems almost impossible to find a nice spot where you can get gourmet coffee and cuisine for a decent price. If only there was a locally owned place with a great menu and pleasant atmosphere… Well, look no further than Brielle’s Coffee & Tea Room in Independence! Brielle’s Coffee & Tea Room offers patrons a variety of coffees and teas, affordable lunch entrées, and even freshly baked pastries! With a cozy atmosphere and lunch menu to die for, Brielle’s Coffee & Tea Room will quickly become your new favorite spot for flavorful coffee and delicious lunch! Continue reading

Brielle’s Coffee & Tea Room Provides Personal Service and Keeps in Touch Like No Other Business in Independence, Ohio!

A beautifully crafted specialty drink at Brielle's Coffee & Tea Room

Has your daily coffee experience become a little monotonous? Ordering the same grande, half-caf, mocha chocha latte…day after day…with the same response from behind the counter…“uh, thanks…next.” Coffee drinkers in Independence, Ohio and Seven Hills, Ohio have discovered a new experience when it comes to personal service and personal customer interaction, not to mention gourmet drinks and specialty pastries: it’s independently owned Brielle’s Coffee & Tea Room in Independence, Ohio. Brielle’s Coffee & Tea Room is the “Cheers” of coffee houses, it’s a place where everybody knows your name!

And for those of you who haven’t had the opportunity to get to know Brielle’s Coffee & Tea Room, here is your chance. First and foremost, they invite you to visit the coffee shop and introduce yourself. They love the personal interaction with customers. It is one of the small perks they enjoy about being an independently owned business. Next, they surely aren’t slacking when it comes to keeping up with their customer’s daily lives. Continue reading

Brielle’s Coffee & Tea Room Provides Independence, Ohio with Savory Summer Specialty Drinks and Fresh Salads

Specialty coffee drink at Brielle's in Independence, Ohio

A beautifully crafted specialty drink at Brielle's Coffee & Tea Room

Warning: Reading about Brielle’s Coffee & Tea Room in Independence, Ohio might cause you to have an uncontrollable urge to devour delicious gourmet baked goods, indulge in homemade soups and garden fresh salads, or tantalize your taste buds with a salad wrap or sandwich. And if all of that leaves you thirsting for more, you are in luck! Brielle’s Coffee & Tea Room offers specialty coffee and tea drinks from around the world. But don’t worry you don’t have to travel around the world for all this goodness, simply head to Brielle’s Coffee & Tea Room on Brecksville Road in Independence.

Open seven days a week, Brielle’s Coffee & Tea Room is perfect for breakfast lunch, or an early dinner! But, life is short, so we are going to talk desserts first! In fact, Brielle’s suggests you start with dessert first! Who can resist homemade baked goods like muffins bursting with delicious flavors, or ooey gooey cookies, specialty cakes, tortes, assorted pastries, cheesecake, and add a scoop of gourmet ice cream or sorbet to any one of these deserts and the calories magically disappear. They really do!

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