The Fitness Professionals at Premier Fitness Source Offer Tips to Residents in Marietta, Georgia and Beyond

pfs_Atlanta1 (1)By Gemma Chriss

Countless individuals throughout Decatur, Georgia; Johns Creek, Georgia; Marietta, Georgia; and beyond struggle to achieve their health and fitness goals, largely because they’re working with incomplete or inaccurate information. Though investing in and using a new cardio machine or piece of strength-training equipment is certainly better than not exercising at all, focusing all of one’s efforts on a single aspect of physical fitness won’t necessarily provide the desired results. Knowing that many people find it difficult to create a balanced workout program, the fitness professionals at Premier Fitness Source do their best to shed some light on the issue. Those who visit one of PFSgym equipment stores in Alpharetta, Georgia or Atlanta, Georgia can not only shop for high-quality exercise products, but take advantage of the fitness tips offered by their staff.

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