Turn Your San Mateo, California Backyard into Paradise with an Outdoor Hot Tub from Terra Patio & Garden

While the San Francisco area has fair conditions year-round, summer is a particularly wonderful season for local residents. The sun is bright, the temperatures are high, the flowers are in full bloom, and your family is eager to enjoy it all. Now is the perfect time to turn your Belmont, San Mateo, or Hillsborough backyard into an island paradise. With a garden full of tropical flowers and festive décor, you and your loved ones can enjoy an exotic vacation right in your outdoor space! But there might be just one thing missing from this idyllic scenario, and Terra Patio & Garden may be able to help. With the tax-free hot tub sale this Burlingame business will be running from July 2-4, you can pick up an outdoor hot tub to complete your heavenly haven! With a large selection of products from Dimension One Spas, Terra Patio & Garden will give you the opportunity to add a massaging, energy-efficient spa to your summer retreat.

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