Durbin Magic Freeze Has the Perfect Ice Cream Sundae for Your Spring Outing near Canton, Ohio

Spring is probably the best time of year to go out for a nice family treat. The weather is warming up, birds are chirping, and there’s new growth all around. The only thing that could make such a pleasant outside activity even better is a stop for ice cream! Durbin Magic Freeze near Akron, Ohio has an assortment of different frozen delights to entertain everyone’s taste buds after a family picnic or on the way home from a group shopping trip. If you’re in the mood for a hot fudge ice cream sundae or a delicious frozen yogurt, Durbin Magic Freeze has something for all ages and personal tastes. Sherbet, custard, hard serve ice cream, soft serve ice cream, and even elegant ice cream cakes are just some of the amazing treats available at this delightful shop! It doesn’t matter if you’re from Cleveland, Ohio or Canton, Ohio, make Durbin Magic Freeze your next stop for a delicious ice cream cone to share with someone you care about!

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