Dare to Take the Plunge with Local Skydiving from Cleveland Skydiving Center near Akron, Ohio

This winter was a rough one, especially for those around the Akron, Ohio and North Canton, Ohio areas. As the near-constant snow and low temperatures forced many of us to stay indoors for most of the season, we’re all eager to get out and enjoy the warm weather that spring will bring. And what better way to do that than by taking part in some local skydiving? Right now Cleveland Skydiving Center is running a spring skydiving special that will allow first-timers to purchase a discounted tandem jump! Sure, Cleveland Skydiving Center offers affordable tandem skydiving year-round, but by taking advantage of this seasonal special, you can save $70 on your first jump! If you’ve always wanted to experience this heart-pounding activity, but didn’t know where to skydive, you’ll definitely want to pay this Cleveland, Ohio area establishment a visit this spring.

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