Create a Custom Quilt Using Your T-Shirts at Memory Lane Quilting near Strongsville, Ohio!

When it comes to investing in a new quilt this winter, you know that you’re not going to find the warm and unique one you need in a Parma, Ohio department store. More importantly, the store bought quilts you often see can lack the design you want. Are you looking to invest in a custom quilt that matches your personality? This winter, free up some space in your Solon, Ohio dresser and get the quilt you’ve always wanted at Memory Lane Quilting! How? Memory Lane Quilting is proud to offer their customers the chance to create a t-shirt quilt using some of those old t-shirts you can no longer wear. With just 9 t-shirts, this professional quilting company near Strongsville, Ohio can create you a quilt unlike any other. They can even create you a 16” square t-shirt pillow to match! Also available using articles of clothing are their custom teddy bears.

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