SYNLawn of Northeast Ohio Installs Custom Putting Greens for Akron, Ohio Natives

By Gemma Chriss

SYNLawn_LogoMany individuals throughout the Canton, Ohio and Cleveland, Ohio areas look forward to winter weather. Golf enthusiasts, however, don’t often share the same sentiment. When the leaves fall, the temperature drops, and the grass disappears under a blanket of snow, most athletes begin counting down the days until spring. However, what these individuals don’t realize is that the arrival of winter doesn’t have to bring an end to golf practice. Indoor golf setups have grown in popularity over the years, giving athletes the opportunity to work on their short game during the off season. Unlike the artificial grass of decades past, modern golf turf closely resembles natural grass in both look and feel. As a result, those who opt to install a putting green system in their homes can keep practicing year round. Having installed countless custom putting greens for golfers throughout the greater Akron, Ohio area, SYNLawn of Northeast Ohio is an excellent resource for those interested in having their very own basement, garage, or entertainment room golf green. Continue reading