Fairview Log Homes in Holmes County, Ohio Turns Log Cabin Construction into an Art Form

fairviewloghomes_logoBy Gemma Chriss

Unlike building a traditional house, constructing a log cabin requires a specific skill set that most contractors simply don’t have. Though this isn’t an issue for many people, those who are in the market for a beautiful wooden house may be disappointed to find that few companies around Columbus, Ohio; Cleveland, Ohio; and even the state of Pennsylvania have experienced cabin builders on staff. However, those who dream of a custom-built home with rustic finishes merely need to look to Holmes County, Ohio for the assistance they need. Fairview Log Homes has been crafting exquisite log homes for nearly 35 years, and if their testimonials are any indication, they’re clearly doing something right.

            “We have been in our house a week now and absolutely love it! It is a blessing to be able to wake up and come home from work to this beautiful home.

            The craftsmanship and pride that you have shows through in every little detail. You were able to take our visions and dreams and turn them into reality.

            This home is more amazing then we could have ever imagined. “

            Matt & Allison Petznick

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