Truck Drivers from Mansfield, Ohio, Trust Lehman Awning Company for Steel Truck Tarps, Repair & Accessories

By Fiona Vernon

The air has started to cool, and many individuals are starting to consider what preparations need made to get themselves ready for a harsh winter. Everyone likes to safeguard their investments, and with fall and winter approaching, protecting items from inclement weather can help to extend the product’s life. Over-the-road truck drivers are no different, carrying precious cargo year-round to different destinations. They must take extra steps in severe weather to protect their loads so that it arrives undamaged and on time. Truck drivers from Cleveland, Ohio; Mansfield, Ohio; or Youngstown, Ohio, can trust Lehman Awning Company for truck tarp repair, replacement, and accessories — such as steel tarps and tarp straps. Not only do they carry a variety of in-stock semi-truck coverings, but they can also design and create a custom fit truck tarp if an operator has noticed that their old one is no longer effective. Lehman Awning Company also offers products that can accommodate the needs of a variety of homeowner applications in New Philadelphia, Ohio, including porch roll curtains for extra winter storage.

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