Truck Drivers from Mansfield, Ohio, Trust Lehman Awning Company for Steel Truck Tarps, Repair & Accessories

By Fiona Vernon

The air has started to cool, and many individuals are starting to consider what preparations need made to get themselves ready for a harsh winter. Everyone likes to safeguard their investments, and with fall and winter approaching, protecting items from inclement weather can help to extend the product’s life. Over-the-road truck drivers are no different, carrying precious cargo year-round to different destinations. They must take extra steps in severe weather to protect their loads so that it arrives undamaged and on time. Truck drivers from Cleveland, Ohio; Mansfield, Ohio; or Youngstown, Ohio, can trust Lehman Awning Company for truck tarp repair, replacement, and accessories — such as steel tarps and tarp straps. Not only do they carry a variety of in-stock semi-truck coverings, but they can also design and create a custom fit truck tarp if an operator has noticed that their old one is no longer effective. Lehman Awning Company also offers products that can accommodate the needs of a variety of homeowner applications in New Philadelphia, Ohio, including porch roll curtains for extra winter storage.

Taking precautions throughout life is a great way to be prepared for unexpected moments, and Lehman Awning Company is here to help truck drivers from Cleveland to Mansfield plan ahead and have the best products on hand in case of emergencies. Tractor-trailer drivers are usually in different areas from day to day, and may be away from the comfort of their own homes from days to weeks. Keeping up with routine maintenance on their truck is essential to maintaining an income, but other supplies are used in the task of hauling loads also. Semi-truck coverings, like steel tarps, are an essential piece of one’s repertoire when protecting a load is necessary. Perhaps someone had a custom fit truck tarp made for their rig many years ago, and it is starting to exhibit some wear with several tears. They can bring it in to Lehman Awning Company for truck tarp repair, and if it shows too much damage, they can easily offer a truck tarp replacement.  Maybe a dump truck driver in Youngstown uses their tarp daily and finds that it is in perfect condition; however, the rubber tarp straps have started deteriorating due to extreme temperatures. Drivers can count on Lehman Awning Company for truck tarp accessories, from tarp straps and ropes to roadside tarp repair kits and truck seat covers, that will help maintain their income by delivering loads on time and in great condition.

Lehman Awning Company has 77 years’ experience in supplying the needs of businesses, as well as homeowners. Perhaps someone in New Philadelphia realizes that they need to put away the chairs on the patio before winter, but they lack the space. They decide that instead of taking up room in the garage again like last year, they would rather put porch roll curtains onto the back patio for extra winter storage. The heavy-duty canvas porch roll curtains snap snugly on the sides to keep snow and wind out, protecting the items within. If the furniture is constructed from wood, having them covered in snow will cause them to split, warp, and rot. The vinyl cushions can crack and tear if exposed to cold temperatures, so creating extra winter storage space can save any homeowner money in the long run. Lehman Awning Company has the solutions anyone may need for protection of their belongings, from custom grill covers to porch roll curtains.

Truck drivers from Youngstown, Ohio; Mansfield, Ohio; and beyond can rely on Lehman Awning Company to provide security for their prized possessions. It could be a semi-truck covering for the protection of a load that a driver is delivering to Cleveland, Ohio, a local manufacturer looking for custom fit steel truck tarps, or perhaps a dump truck driver that needs tarp straps. Any of these drivers can rely on the reputation and quality of Lehman Awning Company for superior truck tarp repairs, replacements, and accessories. Not only can they provide business solutions, but they also help homeowners in New Philadelphia, Ohio, with stylish, energy-efficient awnings and porch roll curtains for extra winter storage. Anyone can call or visit for the best service anywhere!

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