Niehaus Foot & Ankle Clinic Has Two Offices in Salem and Alliance, Ohio That Offer Diabetic Shoe Service

If you suffer from diabetes, then you know that you need to keep an eye on more than just your blood sugar levels. This disease can cause complications in nearly every part of the body, and lead to such issues as glaucoma, stroke, heart disease, and more. However, the most common problem that results from diabetes is neuropathy. Diabetic nerve damage can reduce your ability to feel pain and extreme temperatures. This is especially dangerous for your feet, as you can develop an infection from a cut or ulcer that you didn’t even realize you had. In order to avoid having to undergo a serious procedure like amputation, it’s in your best interest to visit a diabetic foot care specialist who can provide you with the diabetic foot treatment you need. Luckily, those residing in the Uniontown, Ohio and Hartville, Ohio areas don’t have to travel far to find a podiatry clinic that specializes in diabetic shoe service. By taking the quick trip to one of the Niehaus Foot & Ankle Clinic offices in Alliance, Ohio or Salem, Ohio, you can learn how custom diabetic shoes will dramatically reduce your chances of developing diabetes-related foot issues.

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