Gearheads in Kissimmee, Florida, looking for a Custom-Built AODE Can Call Gearstar Performance Transmissions

By Fiona Vernon

Spring is the time of year when all car enthusiasts get antsy and want to slowly roll the cover off their baby, polish her up, slide behind the wheel, and feel her come to life as they turn the key. Perhaps a motorhead in Tulsa, Oklahoma, wants an AODE behind their 90s small block, or another in Dallas, Texas, wants one in their ’30 Deuce Coupe with a 302 V-8. Gearstar Performance Transmissions has the decades of experience and passion behind what they do. Not only do they excel at custom-built Ford performance transmissions that match the rear gear ratio, horsepower, and torque output of the engine for which it will serve, but this hot rod transmission company also meets the individual requirements of each requested GM and Mopar performance transmission. Even the most discerning of customers from Kissimmee, Florida, to Los Angeles, California, looking for high-performance automatic transmissions that support their individualized needs can rely on Gearstar Performance Transmissions to meet their exact specifications.

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