Industries in Chicago, Illinois, Can Visit Berran’s Newly Revised Testing Laboratory for Machine Applications

By Fiona Vernon

Berran Industrial Group, Inc. is proud to present its newly revised testing laboratory. The lab was specifically set up to prototype and test machinery applications for customers from Chicago, Illinois, to Reno, Nevada. It is equipped with two lasers for burning both metal and plastic, depending on the needs of customer’s proposed projects. Berran maintains many camera systems for testing. The lab has two ultrasonic testing units available for prototype testing customer weld applications, as well as full control cabinets that are capable of data acquisition testing and servo testing. Berran boasts the ability to manufacture and tune ultrasonic horns with its own test equipment. While not able to fit in the lab itself, Berran also maintains a fully articulated Fanuc robot with a six-foot reach and 25kg load for testing purposes. Businesses from Columbia, South Carolina, to Denver, Colorado, will be astounded at the customer service and custom automation machines that are provided by Berran for 37 years!

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