Industries in Chicago, Illinois, Can Visit Berran’s Newly Revised Testing Laboratory for Machine Applications

By Fiona Vernon

Berran Industrial Group, Inc. is proud to present its newly revised testing laboratory. The lab was specifically set up to prototype and test machinery applications for customers from Chicago, Illinois, to Reno, Nevada. It is equipped with two lasers for burning both metal and plastic, depending on the needs of customer’s proposed projects. Berran maintains many camera systems for testing. The lab has two ultrasonic testing units available for prototype testing customer weld applications, as well as full control cabinets that are capable of data acquisition testing and servo testing. Berran boasts the ability to manufacture and tune ultrasonic horns with its own test equipment. While not able to fit in the lab itself, Berran also maintains a fully articulated Fanuc robot with a six-foot reach and 25kg load for testing purposes. Businesses from Columbia, South Carolina, to Denver, Colorado, will be astounded at the customer service and custom automation machines that are provided by Berran for 37 years!

Berran Industrial Group, Inc.’s Paul Zuzik, states “We want our prospective and current customers to know that service before a custom build and the follow-up service after the build are extremely important to us. In this modern world, where technical expertise is both valuable and scarce for many customers, they can rely on Berran to see to it that the machines we sell them are top quality, production ready machines that will give them tens of years of useful life.” When any customer from Chicago to Reno requires custom automation machines, Berran takes great pride in the fact that their engineers are always available to work with each company to find creative, pragmatic, and cost-effective solutions that can solve any manufacturing and packaging need. Their newly modified testing laboratory for machinery applications offers a comprehensive variety that allows perfection to be delivered to each client, regardless of their needs.

Berran Industrial Group, Inc. offers premium solutions to customers from Columbia to Denver with their expertise that allows them to optimize the right product for the problem at hand. Their impressive customer service and engineering gets the application right the first time, especially with their improved laboratory and fully articulated Fanuc robot for testing. Machinery manufacturing is a precise art, so the assessment of anything from pressure and sound to voltage and temperature needs to be accurate for an accurate result. Berran performs data acquisition testing and servo testing in full control cabinets, so when someone commissions them for custom automation machines, they can be confident in the end result. Berran utilizes ultrasonic welding technology for customer weld applications that years ago would’ve been done with hotplate welding, gluing, crimping, or riveting. The state in the art now means that somewhat similar materials, such as plastics, can often be welded very successfully. Additionally, they have perfected manufacturing and tuning ultrasonic horns, which can fail if adjusted to the wrong frequency.

For over 30 years, Berran Industrial Group, Inc. has been engineering, building, and delivering top-quality custom automation machines as solutions for industries from Chicago, Illinois, to Denver, Colorado. Their comprehensive and newly revised testing laboratory for machinery applications boasts a vast array of equipment — including ultrasonic testing units for prototype testing customer weld applications and servo testing, as well as data acquisition testing and the manufacturing and tuning of ultrasonic horns. They also boast a Fanuc robot for testing with a six-foot reach and 25kg load capacity. Customers from Columbia, South Carolina, to Reno, Nevada, can call Berran or visit their website or facility to experience the engineering and customer service that goes above and beyond to provide solutions for any manufacturing need!

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