AxessPointe Community Health Centers helps Patients with Medicaid in Akron, Ohio, Avoid Complications of Diabetes

By Fiona Vernon

This year, National Diabetes Month is bringing awareness to the diabetes epidemic affecting the youth of America. The doctors at AxessPointe Community Health Centers believe that healthcare is a basic human right whether they have Medicaid, Medicare, private insurance, or no insurance at all. Diabetes is not curable, so the goal is to adhere to a plan of action that will help keep the disease stable. There are many emotions involved in a chronic illness and this local community health center provides counseling for diabetics from Barberton, Ohio, to Uniontown, Ohio with their behavioral health treatment, as well as primary care doctors for routine diabetic check-ups and specialty pharmacies with medication management programs. People from Stow, Ohio, to Akron, Ohio, who need tips on how to avoid complications from diabetes can not only rely on one of the five locations of AxessPointe Community Health Centers for multi-lingual doctors, but they will also find affordable medical care with a sliding-fee scale. Call 888.975.9188 today for an in-person or virtual visit for everything from COVID-19 testing to flu shots.

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