Windy Hill Hardwoods Helps Orrville, Ohio, & Beyond Create the Home of their Dreams with Free 3D Home Design

By Fiona Vernon

Deciding whether it’s more beneficial to sell a home versus remodeling it is difficult for anyone from North Lawrence, Ohio, to Akron, Ohio; however, Windy Hill Hardwoods makes the decision easier with their cost-effective way of kitchen remodeling. Homeowners can visit this local cabinet manufacturer’s interior wood showroom for expert advice from the friendly staff or take advantage of their free 3D home design software to determine the most efficient layout for their JMark kitchen cabinets when they are trying to add kitchen storage space. Windy Hill Hardwoods also offers a wide color and style selection of affordable granite countertops, kitchen flooring, and wooden trim for everyone from Orrville, Ohio, to Strasburg, Ohio, wanting to create the home of their dreams.

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