Windy Hill Hardwoods Helps Orrville, Ohio, & Beyond Create the Home of their Dreams with Free 3D Home Design

By Fiona Vernon

Deciding whether it’s more beneficial to sell a home versus remodeling it is difficult for anyone from North Lawrence, Ohio, to Akron, Ohio; however, Windy Hill Hardwoods makes the decision easier with their cost-effective way of kitchen remodeling. Homeowners can visit this local cabinet manufacturer’s interior wood showroom for expert advice from the friendly staff or take advantage of their free 3D home design software to determine the most efficient layout for their JMark kitchen cabinets when they are trying to add kitchen storage space. Windy Hill Hardwoods also offers a wide color and style selection of affordable granite countertops, kitchen flooring, and wooden trim for everyone from Orrville, Ohio, to Strasburg, Ohio, wanting to create the home of their dreams.

Considering whether it’s best to sell a home versus remodeling it is a big decision for any homeowner from Akron to Strasburg. It takes months of ensuring that a home is up to standards and is in a condition that will ensure it receives the most amount of money before even putting it on the market. Following are the weeks of keeping a lived-in home looking immaculate, packing, loading a truck, unloading a truck, and unpacking. Why not put the time and effort into a cost-effective way of remodeling one’s kitchen or entire home with the free 3D home design software that Windy Hill Hardwoods offers to add kitchen storage space. This local cabinet manufacturer’s exclusive JMark kitchen cabinets and bathroom vanities feature a plethora of standard options with which other companies cannot compare. The cabinets feature an impressive variety of styles and colors, as well as solid hardwood doors and face frames with ½” plywood construction on sides, tops, and bottoms for lasting durability. They are match stained inside and out with ¾” plywood shelves with additional benefits that include roller bearing side mount drawer glides, soft close under mount drawer glides, soft close hinges, European-style concealed hinges, and full extension hardware for easy access. With the help of Windy Hill Hardwoods, homeowners can create either an upscale kitchen for entertaining or professional chef-worthy kitchen for efficient meal prep.

Anyone from North Lawrence to Orrville looking to create the home of their dreams can visit the interior wood showroom at Windy Hill Hardwoods to peruse the wide selection of options that they have available. Not only do they have affordable wooden trim and crown molding that can be stain-matched to the desired décor, but they also offer an array of ceramic, tile, laminate, and hardwood kitchen flooring to fulfill any purpose and desired look. If someone decides that they would like to match their floor to the counter, Windy Hill Hardwoods also provides a wide selection of granite countertop designs and colors. This local cabinet manufacturer is the only place a homeowner needs to visit for extensive kitchen and bathroom remodeling options.

Kitchens are the hub of a home, being used for everything from catching up with loved ones’ days at the dinner table to entertaining guests, and it’s one of the most important rooms to keep updated. Whether someone has just gotten married and is looking at homes in Orrville, Ohio, or a couple in Akron, Ohio, has been married for 32 years and decided that it’s time to beautify their living space. People who are deciding whether it’s worth selling their home and spending months putting their lives in upheaval versus finding a cost-effective way to perform kitchen remodeling can visit Windy Hill Hardwoods. This local cabinet manufacturer’s interior wood showroom offers everything from affordable granite countertops and kitchen flooring to their own exclusive JMark kitchen cabinets and wooden trim. Windy Hill Hardwoods can help homeowners from Strasburg, Ohio, to North Lawrence, Ohio, add kitchen storage space and match the personal style of their interior decor with their 3D home design software. One stop can help create the home of anyone’s dreams.

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