AJ’s Transmissions Offers Free Diagnostics to Strasburg, Ohio, When They Incur Damage from Hitting a Curb

By Fiona Vernon

Driving in the winter can be treacherous, but people who live it every year learn how to adjust their habits when the roads are covered with snow and ice. Even when using caution, accidents can occur, from a major collision that totals a car to damage caused from sliding and hitting a curb. Everyone from Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio, to Strasburg, Ohio, who is experiencing any common winter car issues can visit AJ’s Transmissions for free diagnostics on their already affordable transmission repair and rebuilding. This local transmission shop can not only determine the cause of a check transmission light illuminated or an overdrive light blinking, but they can also resolve the issues of a transmission slipping, a grinding noise while shifting, and a car vibrating while it’s being driven. Whether a plow driver in Clinton, Ohio, has a snow plow truck transmission that is jumping out of 4WD or a family man in Randolph, Ohio, thinks there’s transmission damage from sliding into a curb, AJ’s Transmissions can save the day with their transmission repair for diesel 4×4 trucks and monthly payments on auto repair.


Many drivers from Strasburg to Clinton have experienced smoothly sailing along the highway and suddenly feeling like they are suspended in air because they hit a spot in the road that was more slippery than they anticipated. They feel relieved if they avoided hitting another vehicle; however, damage from hitting a curb or pothole can still cause significant issues. While sliding is a common winter car issue, bank accounts aren’t always prepared for the unexpected, so AJ’s Transmissions not only provides free transmission diagnostics with affordable transmission repair and rebuilding, but they also work with two companies that allow their customers to make monthly payments on auto repairs. Not only can tires and wheels become impaired, but transmission damage can occur from sliding into a curb or ditch, possibly shifting the axle and wheel shaft into the transmission, busting open the oil pan, damaging the transmission fluid and cooling lines, and so much more.  Whether a check transmission light is illuminated or there is physical damage, AJ’s Transmissions has been serving Akron and its surrounding communities for decades.

This local transmission shop excels at transmission repairs for all sized vehicles — including diesel 4×4 trucks, commercial vehicles, RVs, school buses, and high-performance race cars.  Plow drivers from Randolph to Cuyahoga Falls expect their snow plow truck transmissions to work as hard as they do when they are on their 14th hour of clearing lots and driveways; however, there are tips that can help prevent unnecessary downtime. Heat is the number one enemy of a transmission, so going out to plow right after the snow falls when it hasn’t had time to get hard and heavy from sitting is a great start. Not shifting from forward to reverse until the vehicle has come to a complete stop can help avoid extensive damage that causes symptoms such as the transmission slipping, grinding noises while shifting, and jumping out of 4WD. Even the most diligent techniques can cause normal wear and tear, and drivers have relied on AJ’s Transmissionsfree diagnostics and affordable snow plow truck transmission repairs and rebuilding to keep them in business for over 27 years.

When the snow begins to fall, drivers from Clinton, Ohio, to Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio, must allow more time to arrive at their destinations safely; however, even the slowest trip can result in damage from hitting a curb after sliding on ice. Even though accidents are a common winter car issue, people don’t always have a local transmission shop on standby. This all changes after experiencing the affordable transmission repairs and rebuilding from the experts at AJ’s Transmissions. They not only provide free transmission diagnostics when a check transmission light is on or an overdrive light is blinking, but they also offer monthly payments on auto repairs when a driver notices symptoms like grinding noises while shifting, jumping out of 4WD, and the transmission slipping. Whether someone in Randolph, Ohio, needs snow plow transmission repair on their diesel 4×4 truck or another in Strasburg, Ohio, has transmission damage from sliding into a curb, AJ’s Transmissions helps get everyone back on the road as quickly as possible.
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