Teacher Supply Store Everything Education Offers Fidget Spinners and Summer Camps for Kids near Akron, Ohio

By Fiona Vernon

As the school year begins to wind down for those throughout North Canton, Ohio, and Alliance, Ohio, educators and parents are gearing up for a summer of keeping children active and engaged. As kids begin to lose concentration and focus as thoughts of summer sun and play swirl through their heads, Everything Education has prepared the perfect remedy by stocking a variety of fidget toys that include fidget spinners, sensory materials, concentration toys, and therapy putty to alleviate end-of-school-year cabin fever for parents in Akron, Ohio, and Hartville, Ohio. The upcoming few months for the educator-owned teacher supply store also looks quite busy.  These educators understand the value of keeping kids busy and engaged for the summer and are offering a summer camp for kids. They also have their anniversary approaching in May, for which they are throwing an Anniversary Sale with many educational giveaways and previews on new products.

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