Teacher Supply Store Everything Education Offers Fidget Spinners and Summer Camps for Kids near Akron, Ohio

By Fiona Vernon

As the school year begins to wind down for those throughout North Canton, Ohio, and Alliance, Ohio, educators and parents are gearing up for a summer of keeping children active and engaged. As kids begin to lose concentration and focus as thoughts of summer sun and play swirl through their heads, Everything Education has prepared the perfect remedy by stocking a variety of fidget toys that include fidget spinners, sensory materials, concentration toys, and therapy putty to alleviate end-of-school-year cabin fever for parents in Akron, Ohio, and Hartville, Ohio. The upcoming few months for the educator-owned teacher supply store also looks quite busy.  These educators understand the value of keeping kids busy and engaged for the summer and are offering a summer camp for kids. They also have their anniversary approaching in May, for which they are throwing an Anniversary Sale with many educational giveaways and previews on new products.

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Everything Education in Canton, Ohio Has New Fidget Toys, Classroom Décor, and More

By Gemma Chriss

With February being Black History Month, educators all over the Navarre, Ohio and Orrville, Ohio areas are looking for ways to teach their students about notable African American figures throughout history. Thankfully, Everything Education recently added a number of resources to their already extensive inventory, giving individuals the opportunity to pick up books, posters, activity guides, and more. Those who already have the materials they need may still benefit from a trip to this Canton, Ohio-based school supply store as a wide selection of new fidget toys and themed classroom décor is now available. Though Everything Education welcomes parents and educators Monday-Saturday, they’ll also be offering discounted educational supplies on snow days. Continue reading

The Wise Owl Offers Teaching Resources to Educators throughout Massillon, Ohio and Beyond

Coming up with new and interesting lesson plans for your class isn’t easy; in fact, some teachers may already be struggling with their schedules, and it’s only October! Since your goal as an educator is to create an environment that promotes learning, you may want to look for fun ideas that others have shared on their social media sites. Pinterest, for example, is a great place to go for unique games, individual projects, and group activities that you can do in your own Wooster, Ohio; Louisville, Ohio; or New Philadelphia, Ohio classroom. Once you find some fresh ideas, all it takes is a quick trip to The Wise Owl near Massillon, Ohio to pick up the items you need for your lesson. Specializing in educational toys, test prep materials, center activities, and other teaching resources, The Wise Owl offers a one-stop shop for educators in need of high-quality products, particularly those looking for tools that can be used in effective small group instruction. Continue reading