Everything Education in Canton, Ohio Has New Fidget Toys, Classroom Décor, and More

By Gemma Chriss

With February being Black History Month, educators all over the Navarre, Ohio and Orrville, Ohio areas are looking for ways to teach their students about notable African American figures throughout history. Thankfully, Everything Education recently added a number of resources to their already extensive inventory, giving individuals the opportunity to pick up books, posters, activity guides, and more. Those who already have the materials they need may still benefit from a trip to this Canton, Ohio-based school supply store as a wide selection of new fidget toys and themed classroom décor is now available. Though Everything Education welcomes parents and educators Monday-Saturday, they’ll also be offering discounted educational supplies on snow days. Continue reading

Join Everything Education near North Canton, Ohio for Their Upcoming Painting Class and More

By Gemma Chriss

Everything Education_LogoAs with most retailers throughout the Canal Fulton, Ohio and Louisville, Ohio areas, Everything Education is gearing up for the holiday season. This local establishment has made sure to re-stock their inventory with a wide variety of educational games and classroom supplies to meet their customers’ needs. They even have gift certificates available in the amount of one’s choosing, ensuring that friends and family members of teachers can provide their favorite educator with the means to obtain curriculum support. However, though Everything Education does have an impressive selection of products available, that’s not the only reason North Canton, Ohio residents should stop by this month. Once again, this nearby shop will be hosting the most highly anticipated arts & crafts activity of the year—a painting class led by the illustrator of “Christopher Pop-In-Kins.”  Continue reading

Everything Education in Canton, Ohio Carries Fidgets and Other Concentration Toys for Classroom Use

By Gemma Chriss

Everything Education_LogoMost educators would agree that younger children have a more difficult time paying attention in class than their older counterparts. To help them focus and provide restless fingers with a task to complete, several companies have started coming out with concentration toys geared toward classroom use. Fidgets and other sensory materials have shown to have a positive effect on elementary school students when it comes to reducing stress and increasing one’s attention span. That’s why Everything Education in Canton, Ohio recently added this new type of educational toy to their inventory. Parents and instructors throughout the Massillon, Ohio and Jackson Township, Ohio areas are encouraged to pay this teacher supply store a visit to peruse their selection of classroom tools, as well as to learn about the arts & crafts classes they have coming up this November. Continue reading

Teachers Can Find Lesson Books and More at Everything Education in Canton, Ohio for the Fall Semester

By Gemma Chriss

Everything Education_LogoWith just a few weeks of summer left, educators throughout the North Canton, Ohio and Jackson Township, Ohio areas are gearing up for the beginning of another school year. To make things easier for those still shopping around for classroom decorations and lesson books, Everything Education has amassed a wide assortment of school supplies for teachers in one convenient location. By paying a visit to this Canton, Ohio-based educational supply store, local instructors can not only find the teaching tools they need, but obtain helpful advice from a staff with over 55 years of experience in the field. Continue reading

Everything Education Offers a Wide Range of Instructional Aids and More at their Canton, OH Location

Everything_LogoBy Fiona Vernon

Education is important to a child’s overall development as he or she prepares for the future. To ensure children are getting the best education possible, teachers and parents alike often strive to utilize an array of different resources to help them learn. However, finding the appropriate tools and resources needed to assist in the teaching process isn’t always an easy task. At Everything Education – located at 3828 Cleveland Ave NW in Canton, Ohio— educators of all types can find affordable teacher resources and supplies to assist in their educational endeavors.

This school supply store offers homeschool supplies, basic classroom supplies, active play products, instructional aids, sensory products, and much more! By showcasing so many items in one location, Everything Education is able to help more educators from Alliance, Massillon, Hartville, and beyond obtain the materials they need to create an exceptional lesson plan for their students. Of course, their educational products can be used to create more than a just a basic lesson plan for grade school, middle school, or high school students.

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