Call Hollinger Tree Service for Residential and Commercial Plowing & Salting in Stark County, Ohio this Winter!

Temperatures are beginning to fall all around Stark County, Ohio!  OK, so some people are more excited about this than others.  But, even if you won’t be welcoming Old Man Winter with open arms, he’s on his way—like it or not.  In the North Canton, Ohio area, one thing you can count on with winter is snow and ice.  Aside from those who are hoping for an extra day off school, not many people welcome winter’s precipitation or the precarious conditions that it causes.  Each year, Massillon, Ohio business owners and homeowners alike are forced to find snow and ice removal solutions to keep traffic flowing and everyone on their feet.  Hollinger Tree Service of Louisville, Ohio offers residential and commercial plowing and salting for the Canton, Ohio area!

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