Call SYNLawn of Northeast Ohio for Safe, Non-Allergenic, Non-Abrasive, Padded Playground Surfaces

By Fiona Vernon

Nothing is more important than the safety and happiness of one’s children, and parents from Cleveland, Ohio, to North Canton, Ohio, do all that they can to make that possible. One of the most enjoyable parts of being a parent is watching children play and laugh. Maintaining their happiness is not a difficult feat when they are infants — a tickle here and a peek-a-boo there — but as they get older and become more active, they usually learn the hard way that something might harm them. When toddlers are climbing and running, it is the perfect time to look for a playset to keep them busy and active, and the top concern when choosing one is its safety rating. Once the playset is chosen, it’s time to consider safe playground surfaces. Most injuries on playgrounds result from falls on hard, coarse surfaces, but SYNLawn of Northeast Ohio can help prevent unsafe playground areas with their variety of artificial turf products. Their system is designed for all types of playground equipment, so the appropriate one will coincide with the play area setup. They have created many commercial playgrounds, which are all CSA approved and IPEMA certified. When looking for a non-allergenic, non-abrasive, padded playground flooring in and around Akron, Ohio, and Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio, this synthetic grass company can provide the safety everyone craves for their children.

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