Kames Sports Stocks the Ice Fishing Equipment for Portage Lakes, Ohio, to Enjoy Winter Crappie Fishing

By Fiona Vernon

While December teased everyone from Portage Lakes, Ohio, to Cambridge, Ohio, with fall-like temperatures, Mother Nature has restored natural order with a deluge of snow that will most likely cover the ground until spring. Those who love winter outdoor sports are happy as they dust off their ice fishing gear and head out to their favorite spot. Whether someone is just becoming interested in winter fishing or an experienced angler is looking to restock their tackle box and revamp their inventory, Kames Sports offers a wide selection of ice fishing equipment — including ice fishing rod and reel combos, cold water fishing line, ice fishing lures, and electronic fish finders. Anyone from Atwood Lake, Ohio, to Youngstown, Ohio, looking for the highest quality bass, crappie, walleye, and yellow perch fishing equipment can visit the experts at this local sporting goods store for sound advice based on 56 years’ experience.

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