Elite Security Consultants Offers an Affordable CCW Class to Interested Individuals in Summit County, Ohio

Since the concealed carry gun bill passed last year, many individuals throughout Stark County, Ohio and Summit County, Ohio have been taking steps to safely and legally obtain instruction in order to earn their CCW licenses. If you’re one such person who wants to earn that right, then you’ll want to look into enrolling in a legitimate course with experienced instructors. And it just so happens that Elite Security Consultants, a well-known security services company in Northeast Ohio, offers an affordable CCW class every other Saturday. Not only can you gain the instruction hours necessary for a license, but you can also save money by taking the course from ESC. By printing off the CCW class coupon from ESC’s iShopStark.com page, you can save $10 off of the cost of the class. Then all you’ve have to do is contact Elite Security Consultants to register before taking a trip from your Akron, Ohio area home to ESC’s facility in Canton, Ohio.

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