PTS Automotive in Akron, Ohio, Provides Affordable School Bus Heating & Defrosting Unit Repair

By Fiona Vernon

While most transportation services that businesses offer as a convenience to their clients and patients operate year-round, school buses frequently run in inclement weather. Normal wear and tear can be delayed with routine shuttle bus maintenance; however, the process is accelerated on vehicles that are exposed to extreme conditions. Every fleet and shop manager from Lodi, Ohio, to Ravenna, Ohio, who is looking for a shop with heavy-duty lifts with the capability to handle any sized heavy-duty vehicle repair will be hard-pressed to find anyone that matches the level of expertise provided by PTS Automotive. This local fleet repair center offers affordable general fleet vehicle maintenance and a vast array of other transport and shuttle bus repairs and services that include bus heating and defrosting unit repair and vehicle wheelchair lift repair. Whether a school system in Bath, Ohio, needs an experienced school bus repair shop for a heavy-duty oil change or an airport shuttle near Akron, Ohio, needs a heavy-duty engine overhaul, PTS Automotive is dedicated to getting each vehicle back on the road quickly.

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