PTS Automotive in Akron, Ohio, Provides Affordable School Bus Heating & Defrosting Unit Repair

By Fiona Vernon

While most transportation services that businesses offer as a convenience to their clients and patients operate year-round, school buses frequently run in inclement weather. Normal wear and tear can be delayed with routine shuttle bus maintenance; however, the process is accelerated on vehicles that are exposed to extreme conditions. Every fleet and shop manager from Lodi, Ohio, to Ravenna, Ohio, who is looking for a shop with heavy-duty lifts with the capability to handle any sized heavy-duty vehicle repair will be hard-pressed to find anyone that matches the level of expertise provided by PTS Automotive. This local fleet repair center offers affordable general fleet vehicle maintenance and a vast array of other transport and shuttle bus repairs and services that include bus heating and defrosting unit repair and vehicle wheelchair lift repair. Whether a school system in Bath, Ohio, needs an experienced school bus repair shop for a heavy-duty oil change or an airport shuttle near Akron, Ohio, needs a heavy-duty engine overhaul, PTS Automotive is dedicated to getting each vehicle back on the road quickly.

The winter months can be especially hard on a fleet of school buses, exposing the weaknesses that might be just sitting under the surface. PTS Automotive in Akron can tackle any sized school bus repair that rears its ugly head in the harsh weather conditions that are typical from Ravenna to Bath. This local fleet repair center starts with thorough routing shuttle bus maintenance to prevent as many road-side breakdowns as possible. Additionally, tires should be inspected regularly to prevent hazardous slipping, as well as certain systems that provide safety and comfort. This experienced bus repair shop not only excels at bus heating and defrosting unit repair, but they also offer affordable fleet vehicle maintenance with heavy-duty oil changes and checking belts, hoses, and electrical wiring throughout the season.

Finding a shop with heavy-duty lifts is key to giving any mechanic in and around Lodi access to every angle of each vehicle. Many heavy-duty and commercial vehicle manufacturers don’t even have the capabilities that PTS Automotive can offer. They not only offer affordable general fleet services, but extensive transport and shuttle bus repair for any problem presented to them. Being able to offer wheelchair-bound individuals safe transportation is necessary, so when a lift is not functioning properly, it can be difficult to find someone who specializes in diagnosing its issue. No other phone call is necessary when someone relies on the experts at PTS Automotive for heavy-duty vehicle wheelchair lift repair, because they do everything from engine overhauls to brakes and alignments.

Affordable fleet vehicle maintenance is essential in preventing many transport shuttle bus repairs; however, when the natural wearing of components occurs, PTS Automotive is a shop with heavy-duty lifts that offers general fleet services for everything from routine shuttle bus maintenance to heavy-duty engine overhauls. This experienced bus repair shop helps drivers from Bath, Ohio, to Lodi, Ohio, keep children safe and avoid breakdowns with their school bus repair, bus heating and defrosting unit repair, and vehicle wheelchair lift repair. This local fleet repair center is available for everything from school bus and commercial vehicle repair to heavy-duty oil changes. Everyone from Akron, Ohio, to Ravenna, Ohio, who relies on PTS Automotive can rest assured they are receiving the highest quality heavy-duty vehicle repair.

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