Linda Henretta Designs Carries Unique Birthday Presents & Affordable Seasonal Décor for Barberton, Ohio & Beyond

By Fiona Vernon

As winter progresses, people tend to get cabin fever after staring at the same four walls for months on end. Their imaginations may wander, and they start to contemplate where they can find affordable interior home decor to update their home’s interior. Linda Henretta Designs in the Hartville Marketplace Shops carries affordable interior seasonal home decor and exterior decorations, such as sugar skull tapestries and metal animal artwork. They also have unique birthday presents for loved ones who are hard to buy for, including bamboo pillows, tie-dye clothes, Hip Klip accessories, and India made tops and long, flowing dresses. Wildlife also needs some help as temperatures plunge, so this local gift shop carries deluxe fruit bird seed to supply them with nutrients through the harsh winters typical to Portage Lakes, Ohio; Canal Fulton, Ohio; and beyond. Everyone from Barberton, Ohio, to Atwater, Ohio, will love the creative array of goodies they find at Linda Henretta Designs for any occasion.

Holidays that are shared by everyone from Canal Fulton to Barberton are full of nostalgia and memorable times shared with family and loved ones; however, birthdays are special because an entire day celebrates the existence of one person. It can be difficult to find unique birthday presents for someone who might seem to have everything, but Linda Henretta Designs stocks a wide selection of gifts to match any personality, from tie-dye clothes to sugar skull tapestries in a range of color schemes. Individuals who love to be comfortable in a long, flowing India made dress or top will find them in a variety of colors at this local gift shop. They are not only perfect for summer but are cozy when layered on top of a long-sleeved shirt, leggings, and one’s favorite winter boots. Bamboo Pillows offer great comfort and cooling effects for those who seem to always be warm when they sleep. Everyone loves convenience, and Linda Henretta Designs carries the latest in fashion and accessibility with Hip Klips in a variety of colors and sizes.

Established in 1939, the Hartville Marketplace Shops has been home to vendors with unique indoor and outdoor family shopping. They are known far and wide for merchants who are passionate about their community, like Linda Henretta Designs. Whether someone in Portage Lakes is looking for metal animal artwork, like 5-foot roosters, or another in Atwater is looking to update their home’s interior, this local gift shop has an impressive assortment of affordable interior home décor and exterior seasonal decorations. A calming and interesting hobby that also helps local wildlife is watching the different variety of birds that eat from a birdfeeder, and many in the area find the best seed at Linda Henretta Designs with their deluxe fruit bird seed. It offers nutrition and flavor to any bird friends, while providing hours of entertainment for people who are hibernating until spring.

Winter can sometimes cause any family from Barberton, Ohio, to Portage Lakes, Ohio, to sink into the doldrums, but a great way to stay active and social is to visit Linda Henretta Designs in the Hartville Marketplace Shops to update one’s home interior. This local gift shop not only carries affordable interior seasonal home décor and exterior decorations, but they can also fulfill the need for unique birthday presents with a diverse mixture of products that include sugar skull tapestries, bamboo pillows, Hip Klip accessories, tie-dye clothes, and India made tops and long dresses. Everyone from Canal Fulton, Ohio, to Atwater, Ohio, looking for items from deluxe fruit bird seed to metal animal artwork can make Linda Henretta Designs their one-stop shop!

Linda Henretta Designs
Hartville Marketplace & Flea Market Shop #176
1289 Edison St NW
Hartville, Ohio 44632