Pier & Co., LLC Offers Home Content Pick-Up with Total Estate Clean Out and Estate Sales for Medina, Ohio

By Fiona Vernon

Winter is officially here, and the snow will soon begin to cover the ground, causing individuals from Medina, Ohio, to Richfield, Ohio, to want to hibernate in the warm indoors. With the money that is spent on preparing for the holidays and buying presents for loved ones, there may not be much left in the bank, but it’s the best time of year to revamp the interior of one’s home. With reorganizing, people are not only looking to purchase new things but also to clean out their old things. Those who are looking for affordable upscale home décor and vintage furniture with home content pick-up for their old items won’t have to spend a fortune when they visit home furnishing company Pier & Co., LLC. This local consignment shop not only excels at home furnishings consignment but also provides professional estate and tag sales and everything that ties into it — including total estate clean-out, real estate staging, antique appraisal, auction placement of fine art and jewelry, finding international investors and buyers of art objects, and so much more. People from Bath, Ohio, to Wadsworth, Ohio, who are used to filling their time with outdoor activities in the warm weather can find the perfect solution to their winter boredom with Pier & Co., LLC.

Regarding professional tag and estate sales, experience is the key to a successful outcome. While a less experienced company may charge less, their lack of knowledge on the value of items and the market will inhibit how much money is made during the sale. Pier & Co., LLC offers decades of experience in antique appraisals and the liquidation of residential contents, so they may discover a valuable painting or piece of estate jewelry that a novice would have missed while they were sorting and organizing. This estate sale company can not only secure auction placement of fine art and jewelry to present to individuals who will appreciate it, but they also work with buyers of art objects and finds international investors, returning better rewards.  Everyone from Richfield to Bath who has trusted Pier & Co., LLC for total estate clean out can attest to being highly satisfied with the outcome. It can mean a difference of thousands of dollars in the end.

Pier & Co., LLC can help everyone from Wadsworth to Medina welcome the New Year with style. This home furnishings company is currently working on two impressive estate sales for January, with details to be announced on Facebook. They are constantly restocking their showroom with beautiful and affordable upscale home décor, vintage furniture, and more, making them the perfect people to call when feeling overwhelmed at the thought of going through an entire home. They will even provide home content pick-up to make the process as smooth as possible. Professional estate sales are their mainstay, from staging to marketing and pricing, customizing their services to each circumstance, with the goal of getting the most return on each item. They not only boast auction placement services for a variety of pieces, but they also place them in the high-end showroom of their local consignment shop to obtain the most value possible. Pier & Co., LLC even has experts in real estate staging that can help anyone make the most of their space.

Pier & Co., LLC has been the trusted name for over 44 years from Bath, Ohio, to Medina, Ohio, in comprehensive home services that include professional tag and estate sales, home furnishing consignments, antique appraisals, auction placement of fine art and jewelry, finding international investors and buyers of art objects, and so much more. When any customer calls this estate sale and home furnishings company for help with the liquidation of residential contents, they offer sorting and home content pick-up to relieve the anxiety that someone who is overwhelmed may be feeling, striving to make the process as painless as possible. Everyone from Richfield, Ohio, to Wadsworth, Ohio, can rely on Pier & Co., LLC for everything from total estate clean out and real estate staging to a local consignment shop with affordable upscale home décor and vintage furniture. One visit can cure any occurrence of cabin fever!

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