Local gun range The Massillon Gun Range at AJ Harris Tactical in Massillon, OH Celebrates Their Grand Opening

AJHarris_BannerBy Fiona Vernon

In 2014, owners and Massillon, Ohio natives Amy and Jason Harris decided to create a local gun shop known as AJ Harris Tactical LLC. After successfully opening their location, they realized that they would soon have to expand and find a larger place where they could grow their business. In late December 2014, they moved into and renovated a much larger space to create what is now known as The Massillon Gun Range at AJ Harris Tactical. This two story gun range—located at 143 1st St. SE in Massillon, Ohio— was established in 2015 to fulfill the needs of all shooters from all levels of marksmanship and training. Furthermore, The Massillon Gun Range at AJ Harris Tactical combines a state of the art gun range with a full service gun shop to help provide more individuals across Northeast Ohio with the products and range services they need.

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Protect Your Firearms and Other Valuables with a Heavy-Duty Gun Safe from Stark County, Ohio’s Kames Sports

Whether you have a number of firearms that you need to keep away from your children, or important documents that are meant to be hidden from prying eyes, purchasing a heavy-duty safe is in your best interest. Not only do such products allow you to lock up your valuables, but prevent them from suffering any damage should a fire break out in your Massillon, Ohio or Wooster, Ohio home. If you’re in the market for a small pistol safe or larger rifle and shotgun safe, you’ll be pleased to learn that Kames Sports has one of the best selections in the Stark County, Ohio area. With Browning, Champion, Liberty, Stack-On safes and more, this local sporting goods store near Canton, Ohio can provide you with the gun safe sales and service you need to keep your possessions secure.

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Visit the Shooting Department at Kames Sports in North Canton, Ohio for Quality Firearms and Accessories

Whether you’re an avid hunter, aspiring sportsman, or just recently acquired your CCW license, you may be searching for an affordable yet high-quality firearm. Fortunately for you, Stark County, Ohio’s own Kames Sports has a large shooting department with a wide assortment of hunting rifles and shotguns, concealed carry guns, gun ammo, gun accessories and more. By paying a visit to this outdoor sporting goods store in North Canton, Ohio, you can also take advantage of their reloading section and talk with Kames’ qualified firearms experts. Regardless of whether you’re shopping for recreation, protection, or training, taking the trip from your Canton, Ohio or Massillon, Ohio home to Kames Sports will allow you to browse the finest selection of brand name firearms in the area.

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