Local gun range The Massillon Gun Range at AJ Harris Tactical in Massillon, OH Celebrates Their Grand Opening

AJHarris_BannerBy Fiona Vernon

In 2014, owners and Massillon, Ohio natives Amy and Jason Harris decided to create a local gun shop known as AJ Harris Tactical LLC. After successfully opening their location, they realized that they would soon have to expand and find a larger place where they could grow their business. In late December 2014, they moved into and renovated a much larger space to create what is now known as The Massillon Gun Range at AJ Harris Tactical. This two story gun range—located at 143 1st St. SE in Massillon, Ohio— was established in 2015 to fulfill the needs of all shooters from all levels of marksmanship and training. Furthermore, The Massillon Gun Range at AJ Harris Tactical combines a state of the art gun range with a full service gun shop to help provide more individuals across Northeast Ohio with the products and range services they need.

AJHarris_Range2On May 1st, individuals from Canton, Stark County, and across Northeast Ohio are invited to participate in The Massillon Gun Range at AJ Harris Tactical’s Grand Opening. From 9AM to 10AM, complimentary refreshments from the indoor café will be served and tours of their facility will be given before the ribbon cutting ceremony. While visiting on their Grand Opening, customers are encouraged to ask questions about their facility, their products, and more. After all, this gun shop and range offers a great supply of product for their customers to browse through—including a supply of logo wear and 2nd Amendment Rights products. Their range services are also rather extensive.

The Massillon Gun Range at AJ Harris Tactical also offers tactical training, firearm classes, and more at their physical location for customers to participate in. In fact, they offer eight different firearm classes throughout the year. One of the most popular of these firearm classes is their concealed carry course (CCW). Alongside helping educate more individuals on the safety and proper use of firearms through these classes, The Massillon Gun Range at Harris Tactical goes above and beyond to ensure they provide their customers with a safe environment when they’re at their range. To do this, they have range safety officers on site when their indoor ranges are open. These individuals are NRA certified and monitor the range at all times to ensure that everyone can have a safe and fun time during their visit. Each of their ranges is also under 24 hour surveillance for added security measures.

AJHarris_RangeFor those that want to improve their techniques, keep up with their tactical training, or want to visit the range with their children, The Massillon Gun Range at AJ Harris Tactical offers a simulation experience. The simulation experience uses only blue guns that do not require any form of live ammunition. In this way, individuals of all training levels can obtain the additional practice they need without the use of live ammunition that is used on their ranges. Of course, their ranges are open 7 days a week to those who prefer to practice with targets at their facility. In fact, they’re one of the few ranges that are open every day. As such, they have become a popular location for individuals in Canton, Massillon, and across Stark County looking for a local gun range that is safe, fun, and friendly.

For more information on The Massillon Gun Range at AJ Harris Tactical, visit their website at www.ajharristactical.com. Otherwise, feel free to visit their physical location or call 330.481.4409 to speak to one of their knowledgeable staff members today.

The Massillon Gun Range at AJ Harris Tactical
142 1st St. SE
Massillon, Ohio 44646