High-Quality Products for Ohio Fishing Tournaments Can Be Found at Rodmakers Shop in Strongsville

Rodmakers_StorefrontBy Fiona Vernon

There are many fishing tournaments coming up in the weeks ahead. To help more anglers prepare for these tournaments, Rodmakers Shop –located at 20884 Royalton Road in Strongsville, Ohio—has stocked their store with a variety of high-quality fishing products. Some of the latest products they’ve added to their inventory this season have been several new St. Croix fishing rods. Although they have been stocking this specific brand of rod for many years, there have been some changes made to the Mojo series, Legend Elite series, and Avid X rods by St. Croix that could benefit an angler entering one of the local fishing tournaments.

Rodmakers_RapalaFor Example: the Mojo bass series rods are now made with SC3 graphite, which is about 15% lighter than the models available last year. The Legend Elite series fishing rods are now made from a higher modular SCV graphite than those available in previous years. They also now have  solid titanium frames with torzite guides. As for the Avid X, it is now made with SC3 graphite blank with corksplit grip and KIGAN micro guides. These high end guides are much lighter and stronger than those available on previous Avid X fishing rods by St. Croix, and may be one of the reasons it was named Field & Stream 2015 Best Casting Rods.

rodmakers-29With one of these new rods, Rodmakers Shop’s customers can prepare themselves for some of the local Walleye Tournaments that will be coming up. After all, there are many local tournaments that Rodmakers Shop helps sponsor throughout the state. In fact, individuals can sign up at this local fishing supply store to enter the Lake Erie FishCrazy Derby for $50, which will be held from May 1st to June 25th. While visiting Rodmaker’s Shop, customers are encouraged to browse through their vast selection of fishing bait to obtain the ones they need for this local fishing tournament or for their recreational fishing endeavors. Some of the walleye related products they carry include trolling bait, deep husky jerks, floating jig heads, and other high quality lures from leading name brands like Reef Runners, Bandit, and Rapala.

rodmakers-144Even those who aren’t fishing in a local tournament could benefit from the walleye related products Rodmakers Shop offers—especially if they intend to fish the Maumee River. After all, the 2nd week of March into the end of April is often a great time to visit Maumee, Ohio and fish the river for quality walleye. The Great Lakes are also a great place to catch walleye during the spring season. However, it could also be beneficial to invest in bait targeted for bass as many fishing tournaments are being held for this specific fish during the spring season as well..

Some of the largemouth bass tournaments happening throughout Ohio this season are as follow:

  • Mosquito “Thaw” Open—April 16th, 2016 –Individuals can come out to support their local Kent State University Collegiate Bass Team at this event located Northeast of Kent, Ohio at Mosquito Lake. More details on this event can also be found at DoBass.com
  • 2016 Ice-Out Party, Opener of The X-Series Bass Tournaments — April 17th,2016—Located at New State Park Ramp at Portage Lakes, Ohio.
  • Electric Elite Invitational—April 23rd, 2016—Located at the Mogadore Boathouse and Marina in Mogadore, Ohio from 7AM to 3:30PM
  • Mosquito Madness Two Day Open—April 30th, 2016 to May 1st, 2016—DoBass.com offers additional information on this fishing tournament at Mosquito Lake, which is one of the largest in the state.

rodmakers-23For both tournament anglers and hobbyists alike, Rodmakers Shop in Strongsville offers an extensive selection of products to help catch bass of all sizes. Some of the fishing baits they offer include spinner baits by War Eagle and a variety of different buzz baits. This fishing supply store also works with Ecopro to design a line of spinner baits specifically for their shop. Rodmakers Shop also carries an assortment of new tungsten products and plastics by Hookerz Tackle in Ohio to help provide their customers with more high quality fishing products for bass fishing and more.

For additional information on Rodmakers Shop, visit www.rodmakershop.com or call 440.572.0400 to speak to a member of their friendly staff today.

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