Call Bill’s Heating and Cooling near Mogadore, Ohio for Winter Heating Service

By Gemma Chriss

With the holidays coming up soon, winter heating service is made that much more important—especially for those who have yet to get a thorough furnace inspection from an HVAC professional. Since many residents throughout the Fairlawn, Ohio; Mogadore, Ohio; and Tallmadge, Ohio areas will be hosting holiday gatherings at home, making sure one’s heating unit is operating efficiently should be a top priority. Fortunately for local homeowners, Bill’s Heating and Cooling (330.794.4309) performs general furnace maintenance and repair for a reasonable price—something that everyone can appreciate this time of year. Continue reading

Call Bill’s Heating and Cooling near Hudson, Ohio for Furnace Repair to Stay Warm This Season!

By Gemma Chriss

One downside of being a homeowner is that you’re responsible for all of the upkeep. If you discover that the heating element in your Mogadore, Ohio or Canton, Ohio home isn’t functioning properly, it’s up to you to find an HVAC company that can correct the issue. And since the temperatures will only continue to drop, it’s in your best interest to hire a heating and cooling technician as soon as possible. Fortunately, you don’t have to search high and low just to get the heating service you need to keep your house warm this season. Bill’s Heating and Cooling (330.794.4309) offers furnace repair and replacement to homeowners throughout the greater Hudson, Ohio area. Whether your new unit is on the fritz or your old model is on its last legs, Bill’s Heating and Cooling can provide you with high-quality service in a timely manner. Continue reading

Before Winter Arrives in Akron, Contact All Type Heating & Cooling LLC for a Furnace Safety Check!

alltypeheating&cooling_logoAs the temperatures begin to drop in the Stark County, Ohio area, we begin to rely on our furnace to add additional warmth to our home. Before starting up your furnace, make sure it has been properly inspected by an HVAC technician as part of annual recommended furnace maintenance. Why? According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, more than 200 people across the United States die each year from carbon monoxide poisoning. This poisoning is caused when carbon monoxide – a toxic gas— is produced but not properly vented by a home’s heating system, such as a furnace. For this reason and more, it’s important to make sure you have routine safety and maintenance inspections performed on your Canal Fulton, Ohio home’s furnace annually.

If you haven’t had your furnace inspected yet, contact the professionals of All Type Heating & Cooling LLC. With winter just around the corner, their professional technicians would be happy to perform a furnace safety check on your heating system to ensure it is properly prepared for the cold season ahead in North Canton, Ohio and beyond. Should any issues be found during this check, know that All Type Heating & Cooling LLC’s HVAC technicians will be happy to provide you with the professional furnace repairs and other quality furnace services needed to keep your Akron, Ohio home’s heating system running properly for many winters to come.

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ComfortWorX in Hartville, Ohio Offers Amazing Home Comfort Products for Your Health and Wellness

Since the Canton, Ohio and North Canton, Ohio areas are notorious for experiencing teeth-chattering temperatures during the winter season, you’re probably on the hunt for anything that will help fight off the chill. For instance, maybe you want to put a small space heater in each bedroom to keep your family warm and snug at night. Unfortunately, even the tiniest heaters can cost you a significant amount of money, and they’re not even that effective! If you really want a smarter, more affordable way to keep your Stark County, Ohio residence warm this winter, it’s in your best interest to check out the new portable Zone heater from ComfortWorX. Though this Hartville, Ohio retailer carries a wide assortment of home comfort products, including water filtering pitchers and floating vacuums, the new heater they have available is especially impressive! Continue reading

Heat Your Palo Alto, California Backyard Safely with an Outdoor Heater from Terra Patio & Garden

Fall weather brings cool temperatures, prompting many homeowners to hold small bonfires in their backyards as a way to combat the cold. Unfortunately, without the right equipment, not only do they risk damaging their lawns, but their families’ safety as well. By not taking the appropriate measures to contain a fire, there is a chance that it can break out and spread, causing destruction in its wake. The best way to heat your San Jose, Palo Alto, or Atherton yard while ensuring your family’s safety is to purchase an outdoor heater specifically designed for such a purpose. Fortunately for you, Terra Patio & Garden happens to carry a large selection of patio heating products from RH Peterson Co. in their showroom. From patio fireplaces and lanterns to backyard fire pits, this Mountain View retailer has a number of options you can use to bring warmth to your outdoor space while keeping your loved ones safe and your lawn intact.

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A Patio Heater from Terra Patio & Garden Can Completely Change the Look of Your Larkspur, California Yard!

As magazines and TV shows place greater emphasis on using the backyard for more than just gardening, homeowners search for new and unique ways to dress up their patio spaces. In addition to redecorating with colorful furnishings, some San Francisco area natives have begun to incorporate patio heaters in order to make the veranda more comfortable and stylish. Fortunately for those who are interested in warming up their outdoor spaces, Terra Patio & Garden in Mill Valley offers a large selection of products designed for such a purpose. With outdoor fire pits, outside fireplaces, and chimeneas, this local home and garden store can help you transform your own Larkspur, Tiburon, or Kentfield backyard into a toasty spot to relax during the chilly fall and winter evenings.

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Warm up Your San Mateo, California Patio with an Outdoor Heater from Terra Patio & Garden

While it may seem silly to think about fall and winter when the temperatures around San Francisco are so high, it’s only a matter of time before we’re faced with cool days and chilly evenings. And though the arrival of fall is often pleasant, it does put a damper on your outside activities. That’s why many have opted to install outside fireplaces and backyard fire pits as a way of extending their outdoor enjoyment. Patio heating can do wonders for your Hillsborough, San Mateo, or Belmont home, making it a warm and cozy spot to spend time with those closest to you. But if you’ve never taken the time to investigate the countless outdoor heaters on the market, you may want to enlist the help of Terra Patio & Garden in Burlingame.

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Create Warmth around Your Danville, California Patio with an Outdoor Fireplace from Terra Patio & Garden

We can all remember a time when summer meant spending cool nights crowded around a roaring fire, making s’mores and sharing stories with those closest to us. While we may have grown up to have families of our own, the desire for that comfort and warmth hasn’t diminished. Wanting to give your family the same experience you once enjoyed, you may search around to see what types of backyard fire pits are currently available. Lucky for those around the Pleasanton area, Terra Patio & Garden offers an assortment of patio heaters that can help you recapture those fond memories in a more stylish way. In addition to outdoor fireplaces, this Walnut Creek establishment also carries quality chimeneas that will bring warmth and tranquility to your Danville or Lafayette backyard.

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Let Home Pure Innovations Help You Improve the Quality of the Air and Water in Your Northeast Ohio Home

Have you ever truly considered the quality of the tap water and air in your Fairlawn, Ohio home? Healthy living in Northeast Ohio begins at home, by improving the air quality of your home and ensuring you have safe drinking water for your family. Home Pure Innovations in Akron, Ohio has just what you need to purify the water and clean the air for your home with their air and water purification systems.

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Let BTU Comfort Solutions Help You Minimize Your Monthly Heating Costs

It never seems to fail. As the temperature in Cuyahoga County, Ohio falls, the cost of heating your Cleveland, Ohio home rises. As you struggle to minimize your monthly heating costs, you might find yourself debating over affordable heating solutions and the pros and cons of space heaters versus central heat. The professionals at BTU Comfort Solutions in Parma, Ohio can offer you expert advice and tips on how to obtain efficient central heating for your home.

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