Let Home Pure Innovations Help You Improve the Quality of the Air and Water in Your Northeast Ohio Home

Have you ever truly considered the quality of the tap water and air in your Fairlawn, Ohio home? Healthy living in Northeast Ohio begins at home, by improving the air quality of your home and ensuring you have safe drinking water for your family. Home Pure Innovations in Akron, Ohio has just what you need to purify the water and clean the air for your home with their air and water purification systems.

It’s no secret that there are hidden dangers in the tap water of your Fairlawn home. Microbes and deadly toxins such as barium, arsenic and lead exist in the water that flows freely from your faucet. These dangers contribute to many healthy problems, such as eroding tooth enamel, skin rashes, decreased metabolism and lowering your body’s ability to naturally protect itself against allergies.

But every person deserves safe drinking water and the fact is, bottled water is too expensive. Fortunately for you, Home Pure Innovations in Akron and Canton has the EdenPure Aqua 2000 water purification system. The Aqua 2000 uses 5 micron pre-filtration, ultraviolet light, advanced oxidation and ozone technologies in order to effectively destroy or remove any harmful contaminants that are present in your tap water, while leaving the minerals that are beneficial to you and your family. You can enjoy fresh water for just a fraction of the cost of bottled water, without needing to run to the store and the system will pay for itself within just a year!

But your drinking water isn’t the only thing in your Northeast Ohio home that is full of harmful contaminates. The air you breathe indoors is as much as 5 times more toxic than the air outdoors. The airborne contaminants and harmful gases are responsible to the spread of viruses, bacteria, as well as agitating existing conditions such as asthma, allergies and other respiratory issues. The EdenPure Puratron Best Air is one of the many air purification systems carried by Home Pure Innovations that will safely improve the air quality of your home by effectively filtering the contaminants. The Puratron Best Air uses innovated technologies such as ozone, anions, HEPA filtration, ultra violet sterilization, ion generator, catalytic oxidation and sani-boosters to not only clean the air for your home up to 3000 square feet, but also help reduce the pollutants that become embedded in your walls, carpets, furniture and other surfaces in your home.

With two locations in Akron, Ohio and Canton, Ohio, Home Pure Innovations serves as the area’s leading provider of the most innovated, safest alternative methods of obtaining a healthier lifestyle in Northeast Ohio. From air and water purification systems to alternative methods for safe cooking and washing laundry, they serve only to provide healthy means of improving not only the air quality in your home, but the quality of your home life in general. By investing in products such as EdenPure’s Aqua 2000 and Puratron Best Air, you will ensure your family can enjoy the benefits of safe drinking water and clean air for your home.  For more information on how you can improve your family’s health and quality of life, visit one of the Home Pure Innovations locations and have one of their friendly professionals demonstrate just how wonderful these products are!

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