Let Bluegrass save you stress by removing and storing your Christmas lights and décor!

It may be the most wonderful time of year, but you work hard to make it happen that way! You may be running around disorganized and full of anxiety trying to make the holidays everything that you envision for you and the family. You will enjoy the weekend with your family and friends, but next week you will start thinking about the chore of taking all the holiday lighting and decorations down. Perhaps you are the person who waits until the middle of January when you are so sick of it that you must do it, or maybe you take them down as soon as holidays are over.

Taking down the Christmas lights and décor is a chore to which not many people look forward. By the time you do it, you may just throw them in a box to be done with it. Well … we have great news for you! Here at Bluegrass, we will take down your lights and store them in an organized manner so that next year’s installation goes smoothly. We also create a design or install them according to the design that you have dreamed up. Call us at Bluegrass at 330.492.8733 to be the envy of the neighborhood.

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Switch to LED Lights in Your Akron, Ohio Parking Lot with Help from Akers Signs

akers_signs_logoThough many business owners have started to use LED lights in their signage, there are a number of other practical applications for this type of lighting of which people are unaware. For instance, if you’ve been searching for new, affordable outdoor lights for your Cleveland, Ohio; Parma, Ohio; or Akron, Ohio establishment, you’ll be pleased to discover that LED installation has proven to be a wise investment. In fact, the lighting specialists from Akers Signs have been called out to several locations throughout the Northeast Ohio region in order to convert parking lot lighting from metal halide or high pressure sodium to LED. Once you learn more about the benefits of LED lighting, chances are you’ll be enlisting the help of this local company as well.

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