Gearheads in Gulfport, Mississippi, Can Trust Gearstar Performance Transmissions for a Ford 4R100, 4R70W, or AOD

By Fiona Vernon

Individuals who use their Ford F-550 for work-related tasks and excessively strain the drivetrain expect their vehicles to work as hard as they do. Gearstar Performance Transmissions can help anyone from Covington, Tennessee, to Gulfport, Mississippi, who is looking for heavy-duty automatic tree service or tow truck transmissions. For example, a 4R70W gives trucks their rugged durability while the 4R100 withstands the rigors of trucks that deliver heavy duty towing and hauling capacities. This workhorse transmission builder can customize any transmission specifically to the vehicle in which it will be installed, ensuring that the truck will never need another transmission! Not only does Gearstar Performance Transmissions specialize in transmissions for hard working, extreme-duty trucks from Waterbury, Connecticut, to Fargo, North Dakota, but also in custom-built high performance automatic Ford AOD, GM, Allison, and Mopar performance transmissions.

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