Gearheads in Gulfport, Mississippi, Can Trust Gearstar Performance Transmissions for a Ford 4R100, 4R70W, or AOD

By Fiona Vernon

Individuals who use their Ford F-550 for work-related tasks and excessively strain the drivetrain expect their vehicles to work as hard as they do. Gearstar Performance Transmissions can help anyone from Covington, Tennessee, to Gulfport, Mississippi, who is looking for heavy-duty automatic tree service or tow truck transmissions. For example, a 4R70W gives trucks their rugged durability while the 4R100 withstands the rigors of trucks that deliver heavy duty towing and hauling capacities. This workhorse transmission builder can customize any transmission specifically to the vehicle in which it will be installed, ensuring that the truck will never need another transmission! Not only does Gearstar Performance Transmissions specialize in transmissions for hard working, extreme-duty trucks from Waterbury, Connecticut, to Fargo, North Dakota, but also in custom-built high performance automatic Ford AOD, GM, Allison, and Mopar performance transmissions.

A high performance automatic transmission makes an enormous difference when it is matched to its appropriate torque converter, and anyone from Waterbury to Gulfport will notice the highest quality with any custom-built Mopar, GM, Allison, or Ford AOD performance transmission for which they commission Gearstar Performance Transmission. Those who crave quick and firm shifts, and the feel of power can rely on one of the five master technicians at this heavy-duty transmission company who are assigned to and follow each project throughout its entirety — regardless if it’s a tree service, racing, or tow truck transmission. They pay attention to even the smallest details, knowing that the super duty and racing customer is dedicated to building their pride and joy and place higher demands on their vehicles than the average family car.  This workhorse transmission builder doesn’t have off-the-shelf transmissions but customizes each one to the specifications of the engine, horsepower and torque output, rear gear ratio, and the application which it will serve, as well as DYNO tests it the equivalent of 100 miles to ensure its perfect function before ever leaving the facility.

Deterioration is normal in every mechanical device regardless of how well it is maintained, and Gearstar Performance Transmissions is the perfect company to call for a custom-built transmission. They specialize in extreme-duty trucks, as is exemplified when they had a hard-working Ford F-350 Diesel 4×4 come into their shop that had been repaired by four other transmission shops before arriving at Gearstar. When they had finished rebuilding the 4R100, they were 100% sure that it would not need another one. When someone from Covington to Fargo is looking for heavy-duty performance, low gear ratios, and a budget-friendly price point, Gearstar Performance Transmissions is the builder for the task. From the time someone places their order for a 4R70W or any other high performance automatic transmission, they DYNO test it the equivalent of 100 miles for perfection before it leaves their facility. The 4R70W is fiercely-reliable and was released in 1993 as a replacement for the C4, C5, and light duty applications of the FMX. It boasts a lower first and second gear ratio for better acceleration and was designed for better gearset strength. It also uses a mechanical diode instead of a roller clutch. It is clearly built for reliability.

Anyone from Waterbury, Connecticut, to Covington, Tennessee, who is smart about how they handle their tree service or tow truck transmission can experience less maintenance and repair bills and extend their transmission’s life. Nonetheless, normal wear and tear during the hardest work that a 4R100, 4R70W, Ford AOD transmission can go perform may result in the need to call Gearstar Performance Transmissions for a custom-built transmission. This workhorse transmission builder not only specializes in Ford high performance automatic transmissions, but also in customizing Mopar, Allison, and GM performance transmissions for gearheads from Fargo, North Dakota, to Gulfport, Mississippi. Any car or truck enthusiast who has worked with Gearstar Performance Transmissions can testify to the fact that they put the same high level of care into every project!

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