WSC Construction & Restoration Helps Homeowners in Boardman, Ohio, Prevent Water Damage in Their Home

By Fiona Vernon

You’re never ready when disaster strikes…But We Are!

Owning a home is part of the American dream, and everyone knows that creating a space that is completely their own is one of the best parts. One of the worst parts is that no matter how much maintenance and care is taken, normal deterioration of components that help a house function can cause accidents that require repair and cleanup. Homeowners in Boardman, Ohio, and all Mahoning County, Ohio, who need water extraction because of anything from burst pipe damage to a leaky appliance flood can count on the 24-hour water restoration services from WSC Construction and Restoration. This local disaster restoration company not only excels at reducing the loss of life and property by lessening the effects of a residential water-related catastrophic event, but they also offer superior fire restoration and mold remediation. Additionally, they deal with their clients’ insurance companies and provide remodeling and construction services with home improvement financing to restore anyone’s home back to its former glory or upgrade it into something of which they have always dreamed. Everyone from Massillon, Ohio, to Alliance, Ohio, who has relied on the expert care of WSC Construction and Restoration can attest to the fact that they use the latest in equipment and processes, while giving tips that help prevent water damage to a home.

Any homeowner from Alliance to Mahoning County who takes pride in the life that they have built doesn’t want something like a burst pipe that has caused flooding and damage to ruin all that they have worked so hard to achieve. One of the ways to protect a home against costly water damage is to perform specific inspections of different areas inside and outside the house. The interior of a house is where a considerable amount of the normal wear and tear occurs just from living everyday life. To prevent water damage to a home, it would behoove anyone from Massillon to Boardman to shut off the water main if they are leaving for an extended time to ensure no leaks cause harm. Investigation and prompt repair of appliances should be performed regularly to prevent undetected leaks from advancing in nature. Moisture damage or postponing repairs can lead to mold, which is extremely detrimental to a family’s health. It’s important to remember that insurance companies will pay for sudden and accidental damage but don’t always do so for an issue that resulted from lack of maintenance. Washing machine hoses should be investigated for brittleness and upgraded to prevent them from leaking or exploding. Electronic water detection devices will help to prevent these issues as they detect low moisture levels that often go unnoticed. A smart homeowner will also monitor their water bill for sudden increases in water usage, which would be an indicator of an undetermined leak.

On the exterior, when the risk of freezing is present, garden hoses can be disconnected so that water doesn’t back into the pipes and create damage to walls, floors, and the foundation. Clearing gutters and downspouts of debris prevents blockages, standing water, and ice dams, which damage the structure of a home. The roots of trees and shrubs can be monitored so that they don’t wrap around and break any pipes. Someone who comes home to find that they need water extraction due to a leaky appliance flood from a water line break can rely on WSC Construction and Restoration to prevent the need for mold remediation in the future. Their customers need only make one phone call because WSC is there for the entire process, even offering home improvement financing and exceptional remodeling and construction services to make it look like nothing ever happened. Whether it’s 24-hour residential fire or water restoration services that are necessary, this local disaster restoration company alleviates the anxiety that their customers feel during a catastrophe. Angie H. had this to say:

“Spencer at WSC was very knowledgeable & helpful. He was quick to respond and help with a couple urgent situations dealing with possible restoration services. I was highly impressed with his honesty and transparency. As a Realtor, I need to have honest and fair “go to” contractors to take care of my clients and I will be calling Spencer and WSC in the future. Thank you!”

Whether it’s a realtor who needs a reliable source to mitigate burst pipe damage in Massillon, Ohio, or a homeowner in Mahoning County, Ohio, has walked into a leaky appliance flood in their kitchen, WSC Construction and Restoration provides 24-hour restoration services and tips to prevent water damage in a home with diligent maintenance. In addition to water extraction, this local disaster restoration company works with insurance companies, as well as provides home improvement financing and excellent remodeling and construction services to ensure that people get back to their busy lives. Regardless if the requirement is for residential water or fire restoration in Alliance, Ohio, or mold remediation in Boardman, Ohio, WSC Construction and Restoration is the only phone call necessary for cleanup, repair, and getting back to life quickly and safely.

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