Direct Action Company (DAC) Offers a Weight Building Supplement For Horses in the Hamilton, Ohio Area!

Our horses are important to us, and so is their health. A major problem among horse owners and handlers is the potential for horse weight loss. This generally occurs when the horse is burning off more calories than they are actually ingesting rather than by some fault of the owner. Luckily, Direct Action Company (DAC) offers a fat building supplement to improve horse health so you don’t have to stress about finding the proper balance for your animal. DAC Oil is a weight building supplement for horses that is mixed into their feed to up their calorie count. This supplement acts as a form of horse weight management and is available from suppliers near Hamilton, Ohio; Lebanon, Ohio; Wilmington, Ohio; and more! Help improve your horses overall skin and coat health and add a few pounds they may have lost over the winter with the assistance of DAC Oil this spring! After all, a healthy horse is a happy horse — as well as a happy handler!

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