Discover the Benefits of WBV Machines from Premier Fitness Source of Atlanta, Georgia

premier fitness_logo_thinPerhaps you’ve recently noticed that you’re unable to exercise the same way you did a few years ago, or maybe you simply want to incorporate a new workout into your fitness regimen. If you’ve done at least a little research into the latest developments in exercise science, chances are you’ve come across information on whole body vibration. In addition to being used by physical therapists, WBV machines have become a staple in training programs for the NFL, NBA and even NASA. If you’ve been thinking about adding this fitness equipment to your Johns Creek, Georgia home, it’s in your best interest to shop at a retailer that offers high-quality home gym exercise equipment. Fortunately, a trip to one of Premier Fitness Source’s locations in Atlanta, Georgia or Alpharetta, Georgia will give you the opportunity to peruse a wide selection of PowerPlate vibration trainers, 3G Cardio vibration trainers, and more.

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