Vern Dale’s Water Center: Providing Water Treatment & Purified Water to Canton, Alliance, and Stark County, Ohio for Over 50 Years!

For over 50 years, the residents of Canton, Ohio, Alliance, Ohio and surrounding Stark County, Ohio have been enjoying the clean, crisp taste of purified water and the benefits of water filtration from Vern Dale’s Water Center. And now that summer is upon us, Vern Dale’s Water Center thought it might be important to let you in on a little family history.

In 1958, LaVerne Dale Sr. founded Vern Dale’s Water Center to serve the needs of Stark County families. With the focus on family, Vern Dale’s Water Center continues to be a family owned and operated business with Vern Dale Jr. as president of the corporation. LaVerne Dale Sr. created a simple yet effective business model: Treat everyone as if they were family! And to this day, that model remains. Continue reading