Jesmae Salt Delivers Water Softener Salt & Service in Stark & Summit County

If you own a water softener in Stark County or Summit County, Jesmae Salt in Canal Fulton, Ohio should be on your speed dial. This is the place to call for all of your water softener salt and service needs. With a variety of products and services and convenient hours—including Saturday hours—theirs is the only number you will need.

Jesmae Salt opened in 2002 as a new division of Manchester Salt, as family-owned company that has been in business for over sixty years. In addition to providing several different types of Cargill water softener salt, Jesmae Salt also sells deicing salt and food grade salt.

So, why get your water softener salt from Jesmae Salt, and not from the grocery store, gas station, or any one of a dozen other places? Continue reading