Hoffman’s WATER X SCAPES Garden Center of Stark County, Ohio Offers Tips for Water Gardening

Hoffmans WATER X SCAPES Garden Center_LogoConstructing a water feature for your Akron, Ohio or Green, Ohio backyard is a wonderful way to improve the look of your outdoor space, but be warned it can become quite addictive, especially if you add fish such as koi or goldfish to your pond. The best way to ensure that your water gardening project is beautiful is to draw inspiration from nature. Studying natural water features such as streams, ponds, and waterfalls can help you determine how your own water garden should look. However, it’s important to note that backyard water gardens often have a higher population of fish per gallon of water than their natural counterparts. And that’s fine as long as we respect the pond or water gardens’ ecosystem—the balance between aquatic plants, fish, algae, bacteria, and other living organisms. Luckily for you, Hoffman’s WATER X SCAPES Garden Center has all of the know-how, as well as equipment and supplies to assist you in building an eye-catching water garden. As this local retailer has helped countless residents throughout the Stark County, Ohio; Portage County, Ohio; Medina County, Ohio; Wayne County, Ohio; and Summit County, Ohio areas, you’ll be pleased to learn that their knowledgeable staff has some useful tips on how to build and care for your water garden, as well as keep your pond’s water clear, clean, and healthy for your fish, frogs, birds, and other wildlife.

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