Find Tropical Fish, Reptiles, Live Rocks and More at Two Turtles Pet Center in Akron, Ohio

While many families have welcomed dogs and cats into their homes, some people prefer more unique pets or simply collect unusual creatures as a hobby. Unfortunately, these individuals have a harder time locating freshwater fish, saltwater fish, live rocks, snakes and other unconventional pets than the more common animals usually offered at shops. Thankfully, Two Turtles Pet Center in Akron, Ohio has become the go-to place for Northeast Ohio residents searching for regular pet supplies and unusual critters. Located just a short distance from the Canton, Ohio and Stow, Ohio areas, this exotic pet store offers a wide variety of pet supplies, as well as animals that aren’t available at traditional big box stores. Whether you’re on the hunt for dog food, cat treats, reptiles and amphibians, tropical fish, marine fish, pond supplies, live food, invertebrates or corals, Two Turtles Pet Center is your best bet.

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