Hey Neighbor Helps Stark County, Ohio, Prevent Common Winter Heating Problems & Lower Utility Bills

By Fiona Vernon

A person’s home is their comfort zone, and they arrange it to complement their personality, creating an atmosphere that makes them happy. When fall arrives, there is usually a couple week period when the air conditioner is off, and individuals from North Canton, Ohio, to Magnolia, Ohio, love to see how long they can hold out before turning on the furnace. No one looks forward to the heating bills they face as temperatures drop. They also do not look forward to having to find a reputable heating and cooling company when there is an issue, like when their furnace won’t turn on or it isn’t heating each room consistently. Calling Hey Neighbor is like calling a trusted friend who wants to do what is best for you. They provide affordable maintenance, repair, and installation on nearly every name brand of furnace. Homeowners in Navarre, Ohio, and all Stark County, Ohio, who want to prevent some of the most common winter heating problems and keep their furnaces running smoothly should always include a pre-season furnace tune-up when they are preparing their home for winter. Hey Neighbor can help with the decision of repairing or replacing a furnace, as well as help to improve a home’s energy efficiency so that the utility bills are lower. Call 330.875.9300 today to get on the schedule!

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