Individuals in Summit County, Ohio, Can Call Leppo Rents for Equipment & Tool Rentals for Summer Projects

By Fiona Vernon

Summer is the best time of year for so many reasons! People love to feel the sunshine on their skin, involve themselves in outdoor fun, and perform outdoor renovations. Northeast Ohio doesn’t always experience the consistent weather that is necessary for outdoor projects, so if someone from Medina County, Ohio, to Portage County, Ohio, finds a streak of dry, sunny days together, they can call Leppo Rents to help them take advantage of it. Individuals in and around Summit County, Ohio, can call for equipment and tool rentals for any sized project — from tiller rentals for gardens and landscaping to concrete mixer rentals for creating that beautiful outdoor patio of which one has always dreamed. Many people may only need to utilize specific equipment occasionally; for example, someone may need a stump grinder rental to completely eradicate the tree that fell after it was struck by lightning in the last storm. On the other hand, when individuals find themselves renting a piece of equipment more often than anticipated and decide to purchase it, this local rental company not only offers anything from forklift to generator rentals, but also pre-owned equipment that can be purchased. A person may find that the number of times they have called for an air compressor rental is becoming excessive, so it would behoove them to buy it. With Leppo Rents’ six locations — Akron, Canton, Cleveland, Cleveland West, Wooster, and Youngstown — there is an impressive selection of equipment and tool rentals, as well as pre-owned equipment for sale. They carry any tools necessary to complete a vast array of projects, with the added bonus of delivery!

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