Vern Dale’s Water Center Brings Healthy, Odor-Free Drinking Water to the Stark County, Ohio Area

Heavy metals, chemicals, bacteria…mix it all together and take a big thirst quenching swig! What’s that you say? Why in the world would you want to drink heavy metals, chemicals, and bacteria? Well, believe it or not if you live in Massillon, Ohio, Canal Fulton, Ohio or anywhere in Stark County, Ohio…this might be your cocktail of choice when you turn on the tap water in your home. But, good news! Vern Dale’s Water Center in Canton, Ohio is here to remove water odor and to provide healthy drinking water for you and your family!

Healthy drinking water is something you need to stay well and healthy! You have heard that the recommended amount of water consumption is at least eight 8oz. glasses of water a day. This varies from person to person, but it is a good general rule to follow. Now, imagine going into your kitchen and turning on the tap only to see these nasty chemicals flowing freely from the faucet. That’s the problem. You might not be able to actually see the contaminants. Would you drink the water if it was discolored or had a foul odor? No! Continue reading