Avid Shooters in Akron, Ohio, Can Learn to Reload Metallic Cartridges at Kames Sports’ Reloading Clinics

By Fiona Vernon

Anyone who gazes past the window of their home in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio, and sees the overabundance of snow realizes that they are going to be spending a little more time indoors to avoid the frigid temperatures. Many residents of New Philadelphia, Ohio, and Akron, Ohio, may look forward to spending more time at the shooting range with their favorite guns, perfecting their precision. Individuals from Massillon, Ohio, and beyond who would like to save money on ammunition, ensure that ammo is always available, and open oneself up to the numerous possibilities in terms of what type of ammo they can shoot, can reserve a seat in the reloading clinics offered throughout February at Kames Sports. This local sporting goods store not only offers this introduction to reloading metallic cartridges, but also carries a wide selection of Hornady, MTM Universal, and RCBS reloading equipment to help individuals get started on their new venture.

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