Avid Shooters in Akron, Ohio, Can Learn to Reload Metallic Cartridges at Kames Sports’ Reloading Clinics

By Fiona Vernon

Anyone who gazes past the window of their home in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio, and sees the overabundance of snow realizes that they are going to be spending a little more time indoors to avoid the frigid temperatures. Many residents of New Philadelphia, Ohio, and Akron, Ohio, may look forward to spending more time at the shooting range with their favorite guns, perfecting their precision. Individuals from Massillon, Ohio, and beyond who would like to save money on ammunition, ensure that ammo is always available, and open oneself up to the numerous possibilities in terms of what type of ammo they can shoot, can reserve a seat in the reloading clinics offered throughout February at Kames Sports. This local sporting goods store not only offers this introduction to reloading metallic cartridges, but also carries a wide selection of Hornady, MTM Universal, and RCBS reloading equipment to help individuals get started on their new venture.

Not only can ammunition be expensive, but if it’s limited in quantity, it can restrict how often individuals from New Philadelphia to Massillon can go enjoy their hobby. Kames Sports is offering reloading clinics instructed by NRA-certified instructor Marty Capito throughout February, which will include information that introduces shooters to the art of reloading metallic cartridges, including what tools are necessary, basic techniques, and safety guidance for a successful endeavor. This local sporting goods store carries press kits and other reloading equipment — including MTM Universal reloading trays and ammo boxes, Hornady case lube and Cam-Lock Case Trimmers, and an RCBS supreme master single stage reloading kit.  Each clinic will begin at 6:00pm and run until approximately 8:00pm every Wednesday, with the following schedule:

  • February 7th – Pistol
  • February 14th – Rifle
  • February 21st – Pistol
  • February 28th – Rifle

There are several benefits to consider for anyone from Akron to Cuyahoga Falls who shoots frequently and is debating learning how to reload their own ammunition. Everyone knows how expensive ammo can be; however, overall ammunition costs can be significantly reduced by reloading one’s own metallic cartridges. Reloading also opens up numerous possibilities as to what type of ammunition is available to shoot. For example, an individual can load .38 special loads in .357 magnum cases to streamline the loading process and avoid the crud rings in the chamber. Any rifle shooter who is looking for impressive accuracy can employ the use of a specific combination of powder, bullet, and cartridge length to optimize long-range performance. There are limitless possibilities as to what anyone can achieve as they find that specific mix of products that will benefit their firearm the most.

As the winter progresses in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio, and Massillon, Ohio, and people aren’t sure when they will see grass again, it’s the perfect time of year to take up a new hobby that will be beneficial throughout the entire year. Kames Sports is offering reloading clinics every Wednesday in February as an introduction to reloading metallic cartridges, as well as basic techniques and safety protocol. They also carry the necessary Hornady, MTM Universal, and RCBS reloading equipment for those who are looking to save money on ammunition and learn a new skill. Anyone can take the short drive from New Philadelphia, Ohio, or Akron, Ohio, to this local sporting goods store for all their shooting and reloading accessories.

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